Double Krush (DK)

Double Krush (DK)


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Genetics: Crossroad Chem x Chemdog91 Bx2
Seed bank: Lucky Dog Seed Co.

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The Double Krush is a true Chemdog cross. There is a long history of these particular genetics. Back then, young fans of the American music group The Greatful Dead brought these plants to life and kept them alive as cuttings for 30 years. Today this has resulted in incredibly successful breeds as the mother plants, Chem91, Chem # 4, Chem Sister, Chem D go back a long way and are responsible for the fact that there are varieties like OG Kush and Sour Diesel at all. The Double Krush is a hybrid that was created under the fingers of Skunk VA. Among other things, he is responsible for the fact that the Chemdog 91 is still alive today as an original cutting. His breeding concept is based on the fact that he crosses everything with the Chemdog and from year to year he gets more into the backcrosses. The real Chemdog genetics.

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