Robust and productive plants are created from high quality seeds. To expand our selection of premium plant material, Gartenzwerg offers a selection of premium hemp seeds. Our team will be happy to share their experience with you and help you choose the right seeds as well as the appropriate grow accessories and fertilizers.

Gartenzwerg seed bank consists of the seeds of our partner companies:


The best genetic plant material is grown in the laboratory in Sankt Peter am Ottersbach using premium propagation materials and a dedicated team with a wealth of experience to produce premium cuttings and potted plants. Various high-quality plant strains are propagated in optimal breeding conditions, offered according to customer requirements as cuttings or potted plants. The Gartenzwerg laboratory specializes in premium hemp strains, Artemisia and special, old tomato varieties.

The hemp cuttings are available in four options:

  • Seed plants on request
  • On rockwool € 7,5 / pl.
  • S pot with a volume of 0.5l (7x7x10cm) € 9.5 / pl.
  • XL pot with a volume of 2.4l (12x12x20cm) € 15, – / pl.

We maintain and manage our own gene bank for the following hempstrains.

CBD products

CBD drops are made from a completely natural extract of organically grown cannabis enriched with a high content of cannabidiol (CBD). The high content of CBD and the full spectrum of other cannabinoids together with the carrier oil of rapeseed, which is a rich source of nutrients, ensures the full efficiency, safety and versatility of our product for balance and symbiosis of everyday life. ERBETIX premium CBD drops are 100% natural products with different concentrations of cannabidiol (CBD).

Pets are members of our families, therefore we wish them health, longevity and well-being. Their lives are unpredictable too, but we can protect them from several inconveniences and dangers. Our ERBETIX natural products are also intended to improve the quality of life of your pets. Especially for animals that do not like the taste or are hypersensitive to it, we prepared a special edition of a product, which is enriched with a completely naturally acquired taste of Carniolan sausage, full of flavor.

Grow equipment

We offer various grow accessories from lighting, ventilation, tents, pots, soil and fertilizer, control technology, regulators, etc. The Gartenzwerg staff will advise you during the planning, on the necessary accessories and equipment and supply the grow equipment you require.


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