Seed shop – hemp seeds offer

Welcome to our online hemp seed store, where the seeds of the newest and legendary types of hemp are waiting for you. The rich catalog of seeds contains the offer of the most esteemed and innovative seed banks: Dutch Passion, Royal Queen Seeds, Barney’s Farm, Sweet Seeds, Kannabia, Greenhouse Seed Company, Bulk Seed Bank and Sensi Seeds. Every successful cultivation story begins with choosing the right seed.
This is crucial for both beginners and professional cannabis growers. Therefore, seeds of different types are divided into appropriate categories. In doing so, we took into account both the desired effects of the crop as well as the methods of cultivation.
Therefore, our catalog is divided according to the genetics of cannabis (indica, sativa, hybrid, cbd, medical) and the categories that help you choose the method of cultivation or. grow hemp. Autoflower seeds are characterized by extremely fast flowering, and feminized species of seeds have saved growers from worries about the sex of the plant. For more information, please read the more detailed description of each category.
You can also read the catalog according to the seed banks. We have included legendary brands that are responsible for many revolutions in cannabis cultivation, as well as newer, quality providers that take care of the reliability, quality and innovations in the field of cannabis cultivation. In the descriptions of individual seed banks, you can read about their stories and the principles that make them considered the leading or most promising players in the hemp seed industry.
Our seed shop is the result of a passion for growing popular plants and belonging to the hemp culture, which commits us to the highest quality of service for like-minded people. You are invited to view our catalog, which we will enrich with novelties in the future!