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Starter Kit


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The Organics Nutrients starter kit contains everything the plants need to develope a healthy root system, support rapid growth and to ensure a large yield.  The kit is sufficient for 10 – 20 plants (depending on the Pot size) and can be used for indoor and outdoor cultivation. High quality organic fertilizers enrich your plants during every phase of growth. From vegetation to bloom the plants get all the needed nutrients and therefore can reach their full potential. Because of the organic activity caused by the natural fertilizers the quality of the soil improves, whitch enables a tastier and bigger yield. Because of the simple application and natural ingridients there is no chance to overfertilize your plants. All products can be used in soil or coco-substrate.

This product is suitable for organic farming According to Council Regulation (EC) 834/2007 on organic production.



Starter Kit contains:

  • Big plant 500 g:

Big plant is an organic fertilizer consisting of only the droppings of the mealworm beetle larvae (insect frass). Big plant is a 100% natural amplifier of the soil for your plants and oers a wide range of biological benefits. It encourages a robust growth of the plants, improves the conditions of the root area and produces strong plants with a large produce. It contains beneficial microorganisms, bacteria and fungi, which strongly improve the root system. Due to the presence of Chitin in the fertilizer Big plant there is a natural increase of resistance to pest and disease, what consequently can be seen on an increased crop, growth and taste of the product. Also contain natural source of silicon, magnesium, manganese, boron, copper, zinc.

N-P-K 3-3-3

  • Big start 0,5 l:

Organic root booster and soil improver of high quality for crop enlargemnet, extracted from humic acids and seaweed. It contains also fungi Trichoderma and Bacillus subtilis for a better resistance of the plants, encourages their growth, improves soil fertility, enlarges the supply of nutrients and root growth. It is used as a supplement to organic fertilizers for a larger input of micronutrients. Big start is also an excellent source of food for soil microorganisms. It can be used on all kinds of plants, including fruit trees, vegetables, decorative plants or for grassland It is used in all growth phases of a plant.

N-P-K 0-0-2

  • Power plant 0,5 l:

Organic fertilizer of high quality for growth and bloom of plants. It is perfect for all kinds of vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers and also for grassland. Due to the perfect amount of nitrogen and potassium it can be used through the whole fertilizing period of the plants. It contains also a plant extract, humic acid, amino acids and seaweed extract for the perfect development of the root system and a higher resistance of the plants.

N-P-K 4-0-6,5

  • Mykoriza premium 100 g:

Contains the entirely organic concentrated powder Endo&Ecto mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial bacteria, microorganisms and Trichoderma. It extremly enlarges the growth of the root system (up to 400%), which will enable the plants a better supply with nutrients and enhance their immunity. The plants will be more productive, healthier, and the produce of a higher quality.

  • PK Juice 0,5 l:

PK JUICE is 100 % natural liquid fertilizer that promotes bloom production. With its optimum amount of phosphorus and potassium (5-8) and other microelements (Ca, Mg, Mn, S, Fe, B, Cu and Zn) it provides favourable conditions in the blooming phase. Throughout the entire growth phase, the plants will also be provided with vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D3 E and K. The plants will be able to produce larger, healthier and high-quality fruits and flowers.

N-P-K 2-5-8