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Saga is a new CBD strain which contains very little amounts of THC, under 1%.

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This means it doesn’t make you high, no psychoactive effect at all. It is preferred by medicinal users that have an active working life and can dose CBD at any time of the day without any psychoactive effect. with an awesome sativa flavor that makes smoking a sensuous experience. Up to 21% of therapeutically valuable CBD makes the strain a good choice if you need help treating depression, eating disorders, ADHD, and many other health conditions.

Brand: Super strains
Sort: Hybrid
Type: Feminised
Genotype (Indica / Sativa): /
Growtype: Indoor/Outdoor
Family: not available
Crossover of: /
THC: 0.9
CBD: 20
Flowering time indoor: 9 weeks
Yield indoor: 700 g/m2
Flowering time outdoor: 3rd October
Yield outdoor: /
Effect: /
Taste (aroma): /

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