Pure Kush

Pure Kush


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This strain is 70% indica and 30 Sativa. Green House used the purest clone of Kush phenotype in order to produce this strain.



30% SATIVA – 70% INDICA THC: 19.35% CBD: 0.3% CBN: 0.25% Genetics Kush phenotype, clone-only strain. Effects Stoned, heavy, couch-locking, with a narcotic side to it. Medicinally effective in pain therapy. Flowering Indoor 9 weeks with a yield of 900 gr/m2. Good for ScrOG. Flowering Outdoor Finishes by the first week of October (North hemisphere). Production can reach 900 gr/plant. Medium-size, dense plant. Awards 3rd HTCC 2014.

Brand: Green House Seeds
Sort: Indica
Type: Feminised
Genotype (Indica / Sativa): 70%/30%
Growtype: Indoor/Outdoor
Family: not available
Crossover of: Kush phenotype, clone-only strain
THC: 19,35
CBD: 0.3
Flowering time indoor: 9 weeks
Yield indoor: 900 g/m2
Flowering time outdoor: 1st Oktober
Yield outdoor: 900 g/r
Effect: /
Taste (aroma): /

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