Mexican Candy

Mexican Candy


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Another variety with strong Mexican influences, one of Super Strains favourite strains to breed with.



Despite of the strong influence of the Mexican, bloom time is only up to 65-70 days, considered short for a haze-like plant. As most sativa, her growth goes fast. If planted in June, she will reach a height of 3 meters easily. She will deliver a lot of flowers with a weight of approx. 500 gr.m2. Her smell is sharp fruity with a typical flowery Mexican undertone. Especially fresh flowers carry this odour. When dry, the smell gets a little darker and less sharp. The smoke is thick and heavy with a herbal smell.

Brand: Super strains
Sort: Hybrid
Type: Feminised
Genotype (Indica / Sativa): /
Growtype: Indoor/Outdoor
Family: not available
Crossover of: /
THC: 22
CBD: 2
Flowering time indoor: 9 weeks
Yield indoor: 500 g/m2
Flowering time outdoor: 1st October
Yield outdoor: /
Effect: /
Taste (aroma): /

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