Cinderella 99 (C99)

Cinderella 99 (C99)


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Genatics: Princess x P94
Seed bank: Brothers Grimm

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Also known as Cindy, C99 or Cindy 99. This cultivar has a long history behind it. It is the result of careful backcrossing of a very rare Jack Herer female with her male offspring over five generations. This plant is a masterpiece from Brothers Grimm breeder Mr.Soul. When the Brothers Grimm shut down in 2002, the original Cinderella 99 seeds were quickly exhausted and no longer available until Mr. Soul in 2016 brought it back to life with the help of Duke Diamond. It was also selected by Gartenzwerg. It is a very sturdy plant that has very even branching. Smells like pineapple. A plant with all of these properties is rare enough. During the past years, C99 became more than just popular, it achieved cult status as the “Holy Grail”.

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