Auto White Widow GH

Auto White Widow GH


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This strain is 40% Sativa, 40% Indica and 20% Ruderalis. Green House used White widow and Ruderalis varieties to this strain.

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While smoked it produces an effect, which is similar to that of the White Widow; a complex body stone, followed by a head stone. It has fast effects which last a long time. Indoor plant needs roughly 7 weeks (the whole cycle last 9 weeks) with output of up to 600 g/m2. Plant can be grown under lights that are on from 12 to 18 hours of daily light. If it is outdoor, then it can be harvested after 7 weeks (whole cycle last 9 weeks) with output of 70 up to 80 g/plant. They reach 75 cm in height. This strain can be grown during the whole year if temperature don´t fall below 10 degrees Celsius.

Brand: Green House Seeds
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Type: /
Genotype (Indica / Sativa): /
Growtype: /
Family: not available
Crossover of: /
THC: /
CBD: /
Flowering time indoor: /
Yield indoor: /
Flowering time outdoor: /
Yield outdoor: /
Effect: /
Taste (aroma): /

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