Auto Perfect Poweplant

Auto Perfect Poweplant


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This strain is a Autoflowering inbred Sativa variety from South Africa that has an astonishing grow potential. Perfect Power Plant is great for a closet & homebox garden. It also performs very good in an outdoor environment and shows a similar appearance than the original PP. It flowers for about 9 weeks and finishes in 80 days from germination.

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Indoors Perfect Power Plant can grow up to 150 cm with hydroponic systems and she will yield around 50 grams of great quality buds. Experienced growers report yields of up to 150 grams of dry pot per plant. Auto PP gives a peppery taste and spicy Haze flavour. This Autofeminised variety is a great combination of aroma, yield, potency and ease-of-grow and it already became a legend also as an Autoflowering strain.

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