Feminized hemp seeds

Feminized seeds were “invented” by experts from the Dutch Passion seed bank. They saw the light of day in the 1990s, but were not stable in the beginning. Dutch Passion took care of this and offered quality and reliable feminized seeds on the market. Previously, amateur growers used only regular seeds from which both male and female plants grew. They had to get rid of the men, which was a great waste of space and time.
Among the feminized varieties suitable for indoor cultivation, we highlight Critical Orange Punch, The Ultimate, Royal Gorilla and Amnesia Haze. For outdoor cultivation, we recommend Frisian Dew, Durban poison, Critical Kush and Passion # 1.
Feminized cannabis seeds are genetically modified to grow female hemp plants, which provide growers with the desired crop, with a much higher cannabinoid content. Among such seeds we also find autoflower seeds, which were also called autofem.
Feminized seeds have two main stages of growth, vegetative and flowering, which can be controlled by the grower. During the vegetative phase (with daylight 18-24 hours) the plants develop branches, leaves and roots. The peaks, however, appear when daylight is limited to 12 hours, as this leads to hemp flowering.