Autoflower hemp seeds

From autoflower hemp seeds grow plants that bloom no matter how much daylight they receive. They only need time to bloom, and the flowers appear after 2 to 4 weeks of growth. Growers therefore do not need to worry about a “schedule” of light to plan and maintain flowering. The latter is essential in hemp that germinates from feminized seeds. A big advantage of self-flowering seeds is also a shorter growing time, as we can look forward to the crop as early as 8 weeks after germination. This also allows for more harvests per season. Autoflower seeds are very popular with beginners, and its benefits are also taken advantage of by professional growers.
At the same time, autoflower seeds are already feminized, so all worries about the sex of the plant are unnecessary. Among other advantages, it is worth mentioning the height of the plants, which ranges between 30 and 100 cm. Why is this an advantage? Because you need less space to grow and because your plants are less noticeable. For this reason, they are very popular for indoor cultivation.
Self-flowering seeds and hemp plants appeared on the market at the beginning of the millennium. Modern autoflower hemp easily competes with (“photoperiodic”) feminized hemp seeds, producing plants that depend on lighting periods. More experienced hemp growers have already admired the self-flowering varieties of hemp species, rewarding them with aromatic tops. Try them for yourself!