Sativa seeds

Choosing the right sativa seeds is your initial step on the path to tall hemp plants with narrower leaves. With the name Cannabis sativa, hemp was classified as far back as 1753. Today, sativa is chosen by many growers who swear by the stimulating effect of its tops. The latter will fill your day with energy and inspiration.
The flowering time of sativa is a bit longer, but it can provide you with a more plentiful crop. Supporters of outdoor cultivation often prefer sativa, which is also suitable for successful indoor cultivation. It originates from Central America and more tropical areas, but more modern species are also adapted to less optimal conditions.
Among the more famous types of sativa are Jack Herer, named after the legendary activist, Durban Poison, Sour Diesel, Purple Haze, Amnesia Haze and El Patron, which is also used in dishes due to its aroma.
We recommend Sativa to anyone who aims for pleasant, exciting and highly stimulating effects. Sativa is a great choice for daily use, as it fills us with energy, inspires and helps creativity. The seeds are available in autoflower and feminized versions. Take a look at our offer of the most esteemed seed banks, where everyone can find their sativa!