Medical seeds

Medical hemp differs from recreational hemp mainly in the purpose of use. In Western society, we have a long history of recreational use, but it wasn’t until the early ’90s that we began to take hemp seriously as medically useful. Today, however, many countries already have medical programs that include hemp, and cultivation is also allowed for private recreational and medical purposes. It could be said that only medical applicability normalized the attitude towards hemp. Although we have a wealth of anecdotal and scientific evidence that any hemp is useful for medical purposes, many seed growers have embarked on research into the genetics of hemp with the aim of offering growers the best varieties for specific problems.
The following are among the popular medical types:
– Nothern lights (famous for its relaxing effect, as it is enriched by the genetics of indica)
– Cannatonic (popular for pain relief)
– CBD Critical Mass (a species that bears very rich fruit)
– CBD Blueberry (suitable for day and night use)
– Charlotte’s Web (considered a “must have” among CBD species, low in THC and extremely high in CBD)
Because the usefulness of CBD is already widely accepted and proven, medicinal types of hemp are also known for their content of this miraculous cannabinoid. Some swear by the equivalent content of CBD and THC (1: 1), as these are supposed to have the best effects, others on the genetics of indica. But it’s not just CBD that’s key to the beneficial effects, as hemp contains more than 480 natural compounds. It is recommended to consult a doctor for any use of hemp for medical purposes.
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