Hybrid seeds

Hybrid seeds are produced by dedicated crossing of selected varieties of hemp. Today, most popular species are at least partially hybrid. Growers target the specific traits of the final species, and strive to improve genetics, physiological and psychoactive characteristics. Some crosses aim for a higher CBD content or even use for cosmetic purposes. The most famous cross between sativa and indica gave birth to the legendary Skunk.
We basically know five ways of crossing:
– Sativa x Sativa – hybrid sativa
– Sativa x Indica – sativa dominant species
– Indica x Sativa – indica dominant species
– Indica x Indica – hybrid indica
– Autoflowering – one of the above crosses in combination with the genetics of ruderalis
The most popular hybrids include White Widow, GSC, Cannatonic, AK 47 and Pineapple Express.
Why choose hybrid seeds?
Because crosses are a dedicated activity, they can make growing easier, provide the desired effect of consumption, and the amount of crop. There is a suitable hybrid for every wish and requirement. You can keep in mind:
– Autoflowering
– The shape of the plant
– Yield
– Resistance
– Indoor or outdoor cultivation
– Flowering time
– Taste and aroma
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