Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds is considered a pioneering seed bank, dating back to 1985. Today, they are one of the most prominent seed banks, producing over 500 types of hemp seeds. The genetics of their species, like their brand, has become a classic in the hemp community. The Dutch government has selected Sensi Seeds genetics to develop the medical hemp offered by pharmacies.
Among their hemp seeds stand out Skunk # 1, the Northern Lights # 5 x Haze and Jack Herer. Award-winning Sensi Seeds include the famous Super Skunk, Northern Lights Feminized, Big Bud and White Haze. In their catalog are all types of hemp seeds.
Sensi Seeds strives to normalize hemp use and fights hemp demonization by promoting its therapeutic effects and utility in industry. The company founded the first hemp museum in 1985, called the Hash Marijuana & Hemp Museum, which can be found in both Amsterdam and Barcelona today. The museum and seed bank are hosting the Cannabis Culture Awards, which celebrate all fighters for the good reputation of hemp. They have already awarded Sir Richard Branson and former Dutch Minister Dries van Agt. The exceptionalities of the brand are also evidenced by collaborations with prominent activists, including Howard Marks and Jack Herer.
The foundation of the seed bank was laid by the founder Ben Dronkers, who already between 1978 and 1984 collected seeds from all over the world, from the Hindu Kush region to Southeast Asia. Sensi Seeds seeds are a symbol of a long tradition of one of the most successful stories in the hemp industry. Give it a try!