Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds is a Dutch seed bank, whose exceptionality is confirmed by many awards. In the catalog of the brand, founded in 2007, you will find seeds of more than 90 quality strains of hemp. Among the RQS types that have been awarded at the world’s largest Cannabis Cup competition are Special Queen 1, White Widow, Amnesia Haze, Royal Haze Automatic, Shining Silver Haze and Medical Mass. RQS’s work has also been awarded in the Highlife, High Times and Soft Secrets competitions.
All Royal Queen Seeds seeds are organic and hand-picked, and their genetics and germination are thoroughly tested.
In 2019, Royal Queen Seeds was also chosen as the best seed bank at the international fairs Spannabis and IndicaSativa. The fact that it is already one of the leading and fastest growing companies in the hemp seed industry is evidenced by the fact that it already operates in 17 European countries.
Royal experts in the field of genetics and hemp cultivation are distinguished by their creativity, desire for innovation, care for the environment and sustainable development, and love for the hemp community. In our offer of Royal Queen Seeds seeds, you can choose between feminized, autoflower and CBD seeds, as well as types for beginners or experienced hemp growers. Take a look at our RQS hemp seed catalog and find the type that suits you!