Kannabia Seed Company

Kannabia Seed Company is a Spanish company founded in the 1990s. She has already received several awards for her work in the hemp seed industry. The brand comes from Spain, where the hemp market is already extremely competitive. They focus on the needs of growers, so they offer the most stable and genetically advanced seed types that are fast growing and yield rich crops.
At Kannabia, they did not forget about the resistance to mold, which plagues many growers, and resistance to pests. The species produced by their seeds are adapted to a variety of conditions and suitable for all beginners and professionals. Kannabia offers everything from green to purple types of hemp, with stimulating or calming tops. The Granada Seed Plant has been successfully dealing with hemp seeds for many years and has gained a reputation as one of the leading companies in Spain.
They offer a wide range of feminized, autoflower, regular and CBD types of hemp. In their seed catalog, the award-winning Mataro Blue species, suitable for recreational or medical use, stands out. In a broader sense, it is an indica that we use for meditation and reflection.
Other popular species include La Reina de Africa or Kaboom (a cross between AK47 and Northern lights), Kiss (a cross between Cheese and Afghan variations) and Kama Kush, rich in CBD.
A team of Kannabie experts is keeping a close eye on hemp seed market developments to be able to respond to the needs of growers with their expertise and maintain their innovative approach to hemp seed production. We recommend Kannabie products to growers who like reliability and experimenting with innovations at the same time!