Dutch Passion Seeds

Dutch passion is a seed bank with an extremely long tradition, as they started working in the 1970s. The Seed Bank was formally established in 1987 in Amsterdam, and already invented feminized seeds in the 1990s. You read that right, we can thank this innovative group of experts for this innovation. The founder of the leading hemp seed brand is Henk Van Dalen, who has cashed in on his study of biology and pharmacology in a creative way. Initially, he used seeds from Thailand and Nigeria, which he crossed with other available seeds. The hemp he grew soon turned out to be of much better quality than imported hemp from Asia, Africa and elsewhere. This realization was a turning point for the entire hemp culture, as it planted the seeds of the belief that with good seeds, anyone can grow at least as rich a hemp as they grow in countries with a long tradition of growing this remarkable plant.
The operation of the Dutch Passion brand, which was the second European seed bank to be set up, is based on three principles:
– in the cultivation of the best hemp genetics, which offers self-sufficient growers the best opportunities for their own success
– innovation, which always goes beyond conventional thinking
– the highest quality of customer service
Following these principles has enabled the brand to offer seeds of the highest quality and reliability for decades, thus satisfying millions of customers. Alongside the original, legendary seed species, they regularly add creative innovations. Dutch Passion is the first choice when it comes to recreational or medical purposes. In their rich catalog, they offer regular, feminized and autoflower hemp seeds. Among the many original Dutch Passion varieties that have been awarded several times are White Widow, Blueberry, Skunk # 11, Power Plant and Mazar.
Dutch Passion consists of a rich network of growers and experts in the field of hemp, with which they have set the gold standard in the production of hemp seeds. Their catalog manages to include truly exceptional species that stand out among hundreds of others.