Bulk Seed Bank

Bulk Seed Bank produces extremely reliable and potent hemp varieties and offers a wide selection of Indica and Autoflowering types of hemp. By carefully selecting suitable plants, they ensure the highest quality seeds that are suitable for growing medicinal species. They select the most popular and award-winning species and further improve them …. In doing so, they keep in mind the levels of THC and CBD, medical use, appearance, taste, aroma and potency. All their seeds are produced with exclusively organic nutrients.
The vision of Bulk Seed Bank is to preserve genetics for future generations, so they offer high quality seeds at reasonable prices. Aware of the need to preserve a rich collection of diverse seeds, they are expanding their genetic base and adding the best types of hemp to the catalog.
Their collection already includes 57 feminized species of hemp seeds, 41 autoflower and 3 types of CBD seeds. Autoflower seeds also include Auto AK, Auto Amnezia Haze, Auto Dubai Poison and Auto Cheese. The catalog of feminized seeds contains the species Euforia Special, Guerilla Glue, Mazar Extra and Northern Light. The CBD collection consists of CBD Good Wild Shark, Auto CBD White Widow and CBD Nepal Gold.
Their seeds are prized and sold in more than twenty countries. They present their offer at important hemp events, including the Cannafest in Prague, the Cultiva fair in Vienna, the Salonica event in Greece and the Cannapa Mundi fair in Italy. Try the products of unique Bulk Seed Bank seed growers!