Barney’s Farm

Whether feminized, autoflower, or regular hemp seeds, Barney’s farm represents tradition and widespread recognition in the hemp industry and community. Due to its reliability and progressive orientation, the Seed Bank has maintained its leading position among global hemp seed producers for decades. The beginnings of Barney’s farm date back to the 1980s, when a few enthusiasts nurtured their passion for hemp in the remote, rural atmosphere of the Himalayas. In the heights, the group crossed different but carefully selected strains of hemp, which were “collected” from different parts of the Middle East and Asia. After a unique experience that lasted for three years, one of the members returned to Amsterdam with his unique seeds and took over the reins of Barney’s Coffee shop.
It was Derry who, with the help of the popularity of his unique seeds, transformed the “coffee shop” into a unique location where hemp culture flourished. Members of the culture also helped put Barney’s Farm at the very top of the industry, where it is today. This one still represents that passion for creation that Derry nurtured already in the Himalayas, and he regularly presents his novelties at festivals and other gatherings of the hemp culture and the hemp industry.
The quality of Barneys Farm is evidenced, among other things, by numerous victories at High times magazine events called Cannabis cup and the immediate success of Critical Kush seeds, which became a “bestseller” only months after joining other legendary “types” of the brand. Barney’s Farm represents the Dutch tradition of growing hemp, which it co-created with its quality and reliability of seeds. Many “types” of Barney’s farm seeds are indispensable for collectors and growers, among them: Blue Gelato, Tangerine Dream, Blueberry OG and the aforementioned Critical Kush.